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Adoption conditions

Adopting an animal should be a serious and thoughtful process. Equines have specific needs and care that must be respected.

If you want to adopt one of our horses and you are aware of the commitment that this implies, you must meet certain conditions:

In general, any adopter must be able to provide proof of address and a valid identity document .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Additional criteria apply to the following categories:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- People under 18 :

  • Possession of gallop 7 or gallop 5 minimum supervised by a professional (except equine with particular description),

  • land owner,

  • at least one of the parents is a rider or owner of equines (with more than three years' experience in the field).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- 18/25 year olds :

  • Proof of income requested (to ensure that you have the financial capacity to assume an equine).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- 60 years old and over :

  • Adoption limited to horses 20 years and over,

  • Possibility to "vouch" for a horse of any age as a host family.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A financial contribution is requested for each of our loulous. This participation can range from 300 to 2000 €.

It can be done by transfer, check, cash. We leave the possibility of paying in 2 x from 1000 € (payment on reservation and on departure of the horse). Adoptions are possible throughout France .

Each horse in the refuge is seen by a veterinarian on arrival. If it is not already, it is chipped and its papers are updated. It is also removed from the food chain.

All the care necessary for the good health of the horse is carried out by us or by professionals: farrier, dentistry, vaccinations, osteopathy and more ...

Adoption prices vary and take into account:

  • General condition of the horse, meat weight

  • Race ,

  • Character, Horse Psychology

  • Age,

  • The color of the dress,

  • Its breaking if done by us (invoiced 500 € included in the adoption of the horse)

  • His level of work in the saddle

  • Its possible valuation in competitions (endurance, TREC, CSO)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The horses are under associative contract: the adopter owns the horse at 85% and the association reserves a 15% share in the horse.

This allows us to protect the equine in the event of a possible non-compliance with the contract (rights and duties, care of the horse not respected) on the part of the adopter. A control per year is carried out to check the physical and mental state of the horse as well as its living conditions.

The association advocates responsible adoption and ensures that each of them is final and successful!

Adoption conditions

  • maltraitance physique

  • absence d'eau ou de nourriture entrainant des carences alimentaires ou la déshydratation

  • absence d'entretien des pieds (sabots babouches)

  • animal en souffrance n'ayant pas été vu par un vétérinaire

  • absence d'abri (fabriqué ou naturel) sur la pâture ne permettant pas au cheval de se protéger

  • espace de vie insuffisant 

  • manque d'état ou surplus (avertissement et conseils si l'état correspond aux figures n°2 et n°4, retrait si l'état correspond aux figures n°0, n°1 ou n°5)

  • état psychologique inquiétant et n'étant pas installé lors de l'adoption (peurs, fuites, agressivité etc...)

  • reproduction à but lucratif

  • vente sans accord de l'association « Haras d'Ealmy les Trotteur Français d’endurance »

  • utilisation abusive de l'équidé

  • utilisation de l'équidé au delà de ses capacités (travail intensif pour un cheval âgé, non mise au repos d'un équidé, boiteux, etc....)

  • utilisation de l'équidé dans un but lucratif

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