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Become a sponsor of one of our refugees

For some equines, a placement is unfortunately not possible: too old, too young, disaffected, special veterinary care ... They will surely stay at the refuge until the end of their days, pampered by the volunteers who are there every day and who do not forget them.

Their maintenance costs will definitely fall to the shelter, which does not practice any convenience euthanasia.

To help us give a life of dignity to our refugees, and help cover their sometimes heavy expenses, sponsorship is offered.

People who cannot adopt a horse can sponsor one of our horses, subject to the payment of a monthly financial contribution. If possible, the godfathers are invited to visit their protégé, to pamper him, to give him treats ...

Our refugees to sponsor

Annette et Sully

Two little Donkeys aged 13 and 27, not suitable for adoption for health reasons and special care.

(with osteoarthritis)

Super Lady

14 year old French Trotter,

not adoptable for health reasons and special care

(Navicular, allergic to hay and high low syndrome)



2 year old French Trotter,

not adoptable because too young,

will stay at the shelter until he is 3/4 years old


Ruby est une ancienne poulinière qu'on a récupéré pleine des suites de négligence ,souffrant de malnutrition et après 15 jours chez nous elle mit au monde une petite pouliche malheureusement décédé quelques jours plus tard .